The Project Shiksha

The Project Shiksha was initiated on 30 October 2014. The project vision is to create a long lasting change in a locality/Community in the field of education. The project aims to reach highest literacy rate in the community in which the project is being driven.  

“Education needs to be multi-dimensional with creativity, capacity building, awareness, and human values.”

Education Center at Shahbad Daulatpur Delhi

In order to tackle the problem of poor quality education which we see today is the root cause of all the  social problems , Team JUGNU came up with the idea of providing  free tuitions to slum children in February,2014.  Sai  baba Mandir, a comparatively clean environment, quiet and spacious premises of the mandir and it’s proximity to the community made it an ideal location for center  Volunteers from different chapters  of jugnu collaboratively provide routine  classes to these children.

In this learning center, students are taught basic cleanliness habits and to follow a proper attire (full clothes with sandles/shoes) while participating in a class. The daily routine of the workshop includes discipline, interactive learning sessions and teaching of language and mathematical skills. On weekends, extra-curricular activities such as dancing, art and craft, sports (cricket, kho kho), aerobics, and audio-visual sessions on importance of environment, etc are organized. In our workshops, it is ensured that we have a student teacher ratio of maximum 5:1. Students are given worksheets regularly for practice.

On a monthly basis, parent-teacher meetings are conducted where the parents are notified about their children’s progress and their queries are answered. Also, we discuss ways in which team Jugnu and their community can come together to ensure quality education for their kids.