The First Step by Anil Aditya Saini (Founder of Jugnu)

I saw a movie playing right in front of my eyes. On a platform in a railway station, two little children were sound asleep. Neither did it look like they were  waiting for a train, nor did they have enough clothes covering their feeble body or even a blanket on them on a chilly night in the railway station,

I saw a man standing near them, watching them carefully, and deeply contemplating. Even being fast asleep, the children were shivering due to the biting cold. Seeing this, I thought to myself, he might be wanting to do something for them. But what could he have done as he himself had a single jacket on him. The next thing I saw took me by surprise! He removed his precious single warm covering and wrapped it around their tiny bony structures, being careful not to wake them up. I saw the children smile in their sleep.

The noble man turned around and looked at me. His eyes were full of tears, yet he had a blissful smile. The man was me…

I woke up. Everything became clear. I was overwhelmed, I couldn’t sleep. This was not just a dream, but a deep purpose of my life that I had just discovered. I felt a sense of responsibility.I pondered that if a dream can bring out such a surge of emotions and purpose, how can I help a single child in reality? What if I could help two children? Or three?? Ten?? Hundred??? And further beyond?

After this experience, all my actions revolved around this very thought. I decided to bring a change. I called up my closest buddy, Kamal Kant Narang, and we together made this thought concrete. The first step we took was to organize a cloth donation camp in Delhi Cantt, followed by donation for Uttarakhand flood relief in 2013. Both proved to be success. This gave us the confidence to take up a long term plan.

The future of the nation depends on the today’s children. We chose bringing quality education within the reach of unprivileged urban slum children as our next mission. 10 young minds got together and embarked on a journey that we now call JUGNU. This is just the beginning…

People can only live fully by helping others to live. Earn this privilege and be a part of Jugnu.

anil kumar saini jugnu

A story by Anil Aditya Saini
Founder of Jugnu – Let’s Make Everyone Shine

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