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Our Vision

“Every individual within reach of quality education and has awareness of health & social well-being.”

Our Motivation

We, being fortunate enough to have been endowed with opportunities and resources, intend to bring rays of hope, knowledge, confidence, and independence in the lives of these not-so-fortunate children. Just the way a Jugnu (firefly) sparkles against the night, we wish to show them a path towards an enlightened future- through education and awareness.

JUGNU is registered under National Societies Registration Act 1860 registration no. 1131/2014. It aims at combating ignorance prevalent in the underprivileged low income sections of the society through quality primary education that fosters creativity and overall development.

The activities and events of JUGNU are carried out by young students and professionals harnessing their creativity and talent.  Through our programs, we introduce the youth to the real life problems which evokes the sense of social responsibility and provide them a platform to realize their leadership qualities and the ability to act in a challenging and intellectually stimulating scenario.

To ensure that our programs offer a diverse and wide exposure to both- the community and team members, JUGNU works in collaboration with eminent institutions.

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